Renaissance (2018)

Renaissance might be a string of pearls.  It’s also the 3rd record Justin has put out in five years.  Produced by Stephen Belans (and even by the late George Reiff) it’s a run through Texas folk, pop and county recorded in the spring of 2017. 

Texas fatmucket (Lampsilis bracteata) - Texas fatmucket is an endangered bivalve that lives in the creeks and rivers in Texas, but you could easily sell this song to someone from Oklahoma.  There are some double meaning words used in it so a lyric video was made.  (Produced by Stephen and George).

Saint Paul - A song about being a landlord, a friend, and the give and take of community.

Renaissance - Title track that reflects on paranoia, dream, and our duty to evolve through challenging times.

Lucynda - Written the day after the election from a flawed character’s perspective. 

Nod of Knowing - Lyric collaboration with J. Pittman McGehee, featuring Bukka Allen on piano and Geoff Queen on dobro and pedal steele.  This song is about the sometimes short journey to authenticity.

Players also include John Michael Schoepf, Chris Searles, Stephen Belans, Billy Cassis and Ben Saffer.  Mixed by Steve Christensen.